Wk 12-Artist OTW-Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

Artist: Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

Media: textiles, installations

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krista-feld-b486314a


The artists are Heather Anacker and Krista Feld. Both artist go to California State Long Beach and had an installation together which was mixed media including textiles. Their ideas explore having space to make elaborate installations with deep meanings out of a lot of common things. The artists had one major exhibition Dwelling which included removing ones shoes to enter.

Heather and Krista both are exploring different textures heights and materials throughout their exhibition. One fascinating thing was how they mentioned that textile is so underappreciated and they showed that with the example of the industrial revolution. Their exhibition includes all kinds of lines including jagged, straight, and all kinds of materials going in many different directions with different shapes and textures. Their art bowls were very simple and all single colored. They also explored the balancing of larger pieces with smaller objects throughout their exhibition.

What this installation is about from my perspective is a sense of truly respecting the exhibition and not only taking off on shoes but paying attention to the large and small objects. Their exhibition find balance in the textiles, ceramics, and interconnected colors. It also has a sense of uniqueness and a piece of themselves with the objects that they would use including the apron that they included into the installation. Their installation and art has very personal touches and appreciates many different pieces of what art is.

In my experience from watching the video and looking into these two artists I can tell that their work is very personalized. My favorite aspect from their installation was that they included the apron which even had a stain and that to me was a symbol of their hard work. I really appreciate their sense of place in the exhibition especially in Covid times and would love to see more of their work.



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