Wk 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research

Three possible employers:

  1. San Jacinto School District
  2. San Jacinto Leadership Academy
  3. Mt. San Jacinto College

The San Jacinto School District provides a learning opportunity for students K-12 in San Jacinto,CA. Their mission statement reads:

SJUSD provides equity and access to ensure each and every student achieves high levels of learning while developing cultural responsiveness and social responsibility.

SJUSD ensures that students have a quality education while they are nurtured and are receiving college ready training. They believe in excellence, student success, and integrity in their district. They also partner with the community and build connections with families to ensure success.

I see myself offering value to SJUSD because as a teacher I would provide a learning opportunity which includes equity and a quality education. My passion for history would help them learn about their culture and develop their cultural responsiveness. They would also be taught college ready training in my class as I would implement a curriculum which would challenge them to be their best version.

The San Jacinto Leadership Academy provides a learning opportunity for children grades 6–8 and is working on expanding to be 8–12. They are a magnet school in which “success= focus +positive attitude +competitive spirit.” Their school provides an opportunity to allow students to learn and reach beyond their limits. They require an enrollment application and describe themselves as a school of choice. They focus heavily on team building and growing leaders.

I see myself offering value to the San Jacinto Leadership Academy because as an alumni I learned the success factor implemented at the Academy. My teaching methods would align with their values and provide an opportunity for students to succeed in both my history class and and maintaining the school’s standards of what it is to be a leader. The cadets would also get a chance to use “Ductos Exemplos” and lead in my class.

Mt San Jacinto College provides a learning opportunity as a comprehensive community college. They have two campuses in San Jacinto and Menifee. They state that they “offer courses and programs that satisfy the transfer requirements of four-year colleges and universities.” They also stay on their website that their faculty members are dedicated to student success and are experts in their fields of knowledge. MSJC also states that they provide enriching experiences including sports, clubs, honors programs, and much more.

I see myself offering value to Mt San Jacinto College by providing my expertise in United States or Latin history in one of their programs. They state that their faculty members are dedicated to student success and so I am I. I would also be able to enrich the experiences of students in the history department and help their journey to a four-year college be smooth by preparing them throughout my course.

website: https://www.margaretomara.com

Professor Margret O'Mara presents herself on her website beginning with her name in large font, a picture, and her qualifications. Under the information she gives information about her specialties, book, newsletter, and social medias. Her website is easy to navigate in that it includes a biography, writing, speaking, teaching, news, and contact information. In the section of teaching and advising she organizes it by class and has links directing two different pages depending on the class. Her over all aesthetic is clean, and organized for all aspects of her career.

website: http://marcuse.faculty.history.ucsb.edu/index.html

Professor Harold Marcuse presents himself on his website with very colorful modes of organization. He begins with having his name in bold, qualifications and fields below, and contact information below that. He then has links for items such as News, courses, publications, and more. He uses Times New Roman and different colors to color code what he is talking about on the site.

website: http://historyprofessorjoe.com

Professor Joe Thompson presents himself beginning with having his name in bold at the top of his website and where he works at right under. He then proceeds to have links to his news, syllabi, quizzes for each class, glossary, and much more. He even has a link to videos for his students which is very helpful during these times. His site is very well organized and maintains a classy, clean look which goes with the history department vibe and aesthetic.

Based on the companies and candidates that I researched in my field I have found that my website must cater to many different aspects. The companies are school districts, colleges, and schools. While the professor’s websites are catering to their employers, it is most important for their websites to cater to their students.

What the companies are most interested in is neat, and academic design. For example, one piece that must be shown is qualifications. I would highlight that I am specializing in Latin and United States History for employers to see. I would also include my education and area of teaching. Another piece is adding neat and tidy fonts which are simple and bold.

What students look for would be much different. For example, the professors that I found focused more on how organized and easy to navigate their websites are rather than fonts. For example I found Professor Joe Thompson's website much easier to navigate and very professional looking. The bold font highlighting his name at the very top made it easy as a student to have and the many links to different assignments, graphs, and much more made it easy to navigate. Professor Thompson even had an “About the Site” section to make things that much easier.

Based on all of this information I would have a section of my website catering to companies and showing who I am as an educated individual and professor at the time, and another section where I would have it very easy to navigate for students.



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