Wk #3- Drinking and Drawing

2.This activity was very fun and frustrating for me all at the same time. The fun part was drinking my coffee while drawing it, but it later became frustrating while drawing the self portrait because I have always struggled with drawing people. As a Starbucks partner I try a lot of drinks and would try to do this again to draw my new favorite drink which I drew on my cup about, but I would not include the self portrait portion.

3.I do I absolutely think that if I practiced a lot more I would be a lot better at drawing, but I am skeptical that I would be very good.

4.I am history major and I think that sketching will be very useful in my career as a teacher to explain certain historical moments. I’m not sure if it will be as useful in my major or throughout college but certainly in my career.

5.Drawing is definitely a universal language in which everyone interprets things differently. We can say things with drawings that are hard to say with words by expressing ourselves in our art. For example I could draw a tree that is sad and droopy to express feelings of sadness or I could draw a beautiful flower that’s flourishing to express how I am doing.



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