Wk 9 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part

My original vision for this embroidery project was to have an accurate embroidery of a flower I received in order to commemorate it.

My project different from the original version of my idea in that the embroidery is not as accurate as I would like it to be, but considering that I am new to embroidering I am proud of the results.

I do think I considered this project a success because doing French knots is very difficult to learn and the fact that I was able to do so many is surprising to me. I do wish it would have come out more accurate but the French knots took a lot of my time so I wasn't able to focus as much on the outside of the flower.

I think that it is a little bit weaker because of the compromises that I had to make with it such as spending less time on the outside in order to get better at doing French knots. I think it is also stronger because it shows my improvement in techniques that I have never been able to do before.

I was trying to explore different techniques and embroidery, specifically French knotts, in order to challenge myself because I have tried to practice them in the past but could not get them down. I did achieve my goal of learning this technique and I think it brought a lot of texture and rather than leaving the embroidery flat it made it like the real flower. I think my piece does communicate what I wanted it to because it does resemble the flower I was trying to mimic and that I took inspiration from plus it taught me a lot about embroidery.

What I would do differently in this project if I were to do it again is focus more on the outside because I know how to do the French knots now and it wouldn't take me as long as it did this time around. Other than that I think it was a success because it taught me a lot and it's a nice piece to have.


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